We take pride in tradition.

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automaten casino online kostenlos winning on casino slots Hold your head high with our authentic martial arts lineage with direct ties to the original Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do School in Oakland, CA.

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Grand Master, Professor Gary Dill with Master Sifu Joe Hutchings.

juegos de casino online gratis ruleta Pear Tree Self Defense Center follows a rich history of private training practices. The school is on Sifu Joe’s property and follows the tradition of Bruce Lee, James Yimm Lee, Taky Kimura, Jerry Poteet, and Gary Dill.  Each of these Jeet Kune Do innovators taught classes out of their own home or business. 
Bruce Lee first taught Jun Fan Gung Fu in the basement of his friend Taky’s store in Seattle, Washington. Taky continued teaching from there after Bruce left, and later moved the classes to a friend’s barn in Renton, Washington.  

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reputable online casino canada Bruce later taught JKD from James Yimm Lee’s garage in Oakland, California. Later still, he taught students in his own back yard in Los Angeles.  Jerry Poteet taught out of his garage and back yard in L.A., and Gary Dill still maintains a small school in his garage in Dewey, Oklahoma.

Sigung James Yimm Lee’s garage in Oakland, California.

online live casino blackjack card counting Why is JKD usually taught this way?  Why not in a commercial building in a shopping center as so many other martial arts are taught?  Bruce Lee came to the realization, when he did have a large school, that he could not adequately teach each individual student.  He found small classes at home to be the most effective way of training great martial artists.

Grand Master, Professor Gary Dill

casino games and slots At Pear Tree we follow this tradition. Large classes are a great way for a school to make money, but this is not Pear Tree’s focus. 

online casino visa We choose to keep enrollment small enough that we can train each student carefully.  We learn each one’s strengths and teach how to maximize them; we learn their weaknesses and discover how to overcome them.  Maintaining the school at Sifu Joe’s home means we can keep the costs down, and the quality up, for the students, as well as providing a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.